Struggling with branding yourself on social media?
Introducing the Lighter Side
Inner Circle Membership
The cure to “Boring Agent Syndrome”
…even if you have the personality of a lockbox.

To say our industry is oversaturated with agents is an understatement.

There are now more agents than houses (maybe not literally, but it sure feels that way).

It’s like they’re passing out real estate licenses on windshields in Wal-Mart parking lots these days.

Everybody knows an agent (or twelve)…

and they’re all competing for your piece of the pie.

There’s no way around it…

Now more than ever, you’ve GOT to stand out as a real estate agent.

Ready for the GOOD news?

Whether you realize it or not, you already have free access to the best marketing & branding tool available today — it’s this little thing called Facebook.

I’m sure this isn’t news to you because every “guru” tells you this. And rightfully so.

But most of them are too busy teaching the technicalities of Facebook, instead of focusing on the most important thing…

Marketing & branding is about CONNECTING with prospects online
on a personal, relational, and emotional level…

Think about it: there’s so much “noise” on social media, isn’t there? Especially in real estate.

It’s mostly boring, stale, overly-promotional fluff that nobody cares about. Stuff like:

“I’m the local expert look at me and my listings and don’t forget to come grab a free pen with my name on it” type of self-promoting platitudes.


You don’t want to constantly hear that stuff, so why would your prospects?

Question: When using social media, do you…

  • Fear that your followers dismiss you as “salesy” when you post real estate stuff?
  • Lack the time, skill, (or energy) to post quality real estate related content?
  • Secretly envy other agents who seem to get tons of love on social media?
  • Feel like you’re shouting into a cave? — “Anybody in here?… here… here… here…”

mike-lsoreHi, I’m Mike Bell, and I’ve been there too.

In case you haven’t heard of me, I’m a former appraiser, former real estate agent, and former failure with social media. Oh yeah, I’m also the founder of the Lighter Side of Real Estate.

If you sell real estate, and you have a Facebook account, there’s a good chance you’ve seen (and maybe even shared) our content.

All of these top brands have all linked their readers to our articles:


And according to BuzzSumo (a tool that tracks social media content sharing), our content is shared more than any other media outlet when it comes to real estate content…

…by a pretty wide margin, too.

Via Buzzsumo, March 2016

But in the beginning I was just winging it,
perhaps like you’re doing.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not one of those “instant success” stories you might read about in magazines or whatever. So I’m definitely not showing you that screenshot to brag.

In fact, just a few years ago I couldn’t pay somebody to like a post I made.

I was clueless about how to build a likable brand online.
I was irrelevant to the few followers I actually had.
I was wasting time making “noise” on social media that lacked any value.

Because let’s face it, real estate isn’t exactly the sexiest thing to talk about on social media.

But I wanted so badly to build an unforgettable brand.
To reach lots of people.
To have influence.

Sound familiar? It should because…

I wanted everything from social media that you want.

But I failed miserably.

See, my first Facebook page was called Real Estate News & Trends.

Basically, I just posted “information” — you know, the stuff that most people scroll right past.

It was interesting content to real estate folks like you and me…

…but to potential buyers and sellers (people we ACTUALLY want to reach), it was a total freakin’ snoozefest.

It was data.
It was boring.
It was… oatmeal (not bacon).

I was building a brand without a soul.

I was just posting more of the same ol’ crap with a fancy logo slapped on it. My “brand” was lost in a sea of sameness.

Day after day I’d make posts… and nothing. Sound familiar?

No likes.*
No comments.
No shares.

*Except for that handful of friends who like EVERYTHING you post. Gotta love true friends!

And this went on for months. How the heck was I gonna build a popular brand if every post I made was like a billboard in a desert?

And then one day it hit me…
…harder than a lowball appraisal.

Call it luck, fate, or even divine intervention if you want.

I remember it vividly. The date was December 29, 2013.

After moping around all weekend, wondering if I should throw in the towel with this whole social media thing, I stumbled onto a podcast that literally changed my life.

With one simple word, this random podcast dude shifted my entire mindset.

I FINALLY knew what I had to do.

That one word?


Truth is, we humans crave entertainment. It’s hard-wired into all of us!

And if you can find a way to consistently post real estate related stuff that’s actually interesting (and not desperate sounding and boring), you’ll grab people’s attention…

…and they’ll like you and remember you!

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this…

Your ability to attract clients
has less to do with your “credentials”…
and everything to do with how people feel about you!

So after hearing this podcast, I scrapped my old Facebook page the very next day and started a new page called the Lighter Side of Real Estate…

with a fresh new strategy.

I began posting about topics on the edge of real estate — fun content with broad appeal, but always with a real estate tie-in.

I also began showing the world of agents through lighthearted humor to prove that real estate pros are fun. And interesting. And actually HUMAN — not these self-promoting robots like much of the public thinks.

Basically, I tried (and still try) to give real estate the makeover I feel it needs.

And boy did it take off!

My content was finally getting shared by agents AND regular, everyday folks (aka: potential buyers & sellers)!

And wouldn’t you know it…

In no time at all, my posts were getting more attention
than the “top dogs” of real estate!

(Stick with me here because there’s a huge upside for YOU.)

I started outperforming brands I’ve always respected!

Yep. Me. Some random schlub — a “nobody” with zero industry connections — and my engagement stats were blowing right past theirs (and still are).

Check it out:

Via Buzzsumo, March 2016

Heck, Lighter Side’s articles get shared, on average, more than CNN’s! What?!

Via Buzzsumo, March 2016

After years of failing to get noticed online, messages started pouring in.

Agents were telling me they were using my content to promote themselves…

…and also that their followers LOVED the content they were sharing.

Take Renee, for example:


And I started getting posts and messages like that on a daily basis:


The messages just wouldn’t stop pouring in (and I loved it!):


Fact is, they were staying top of mind
and getting REAL results!


Turns out, this kind of content was making THEM (the agents) look like rockstars. To say I was flattered is an understatement. I was blown away!

My inbox got flooded by agents asking permission to use my stuff with their own branding.

So I reached out to my email list and asked if I should create some sort of “content club” or membership.

And boy did I learn a lot from that email! Turns out, I uncovered a HUGE need. Just check out some of the replies I got:

Now here’s where YOU enter this story…

Fast forward to today. The Lighter Side of Real Estate started by giving real estate the makeover I mentioned earlier…

… and grew into a content marketing platform that agents like you can use to build your personal brand.

Wouldn’t it be freakin’ awesome if people were ‘pre-sold’ on YOU as their agent?

If people loved the crap out of you even prior to reaching out to you?

If they respected you not only as someone who’s professional… but who’s also fun, relatable, and personable?

mike-lsoreIntroducing the Lighter Side “Inner Circle”

  • Borrow my brain.
  • Sexy up your message.
  • Kick boring to the curb.

The Inner Circle is a done-for-you, content marketing platform where you’ll have full access to the Lighter Side’s library of content (3 years worth!)… and when you share any of it, it will be branded as yours.

Think of it as your own personalized real estate content marketing machine!

Again, I’m giving you full access to the exact content I’ve literally used to grow the Lighter Side of Real Estate brand to where it is today…

…plus I’ll be adding all the new stuff I create every day (you’ll get your paws on it before it even gets posted to Facebook). Heck, some of it isn’t even released to the public.

It’s like having me as your
social media fairy godmother!

(‘Cept I’m a dude. And not very motherly. Ok, that was weird. Sorry.)

But now you don’t have to figure out how to reach lots of people with a fun, likeable brand on social media.

You won’t have to fear coming across as boring or salesy…

…or stay up until 2am figuring out your content calendar for the week.
…or rummage through the Lighter Side Facebook page trying to locate the perfect post.

Here’s what you’re getting:


Personalized Articles

(posted for you at the click of a button)

Choose from hundreds of articles to share with YOUR photo and information on them. Article topics include tips & trends around the home, real estate humor, interesting real estate related stories and more!

So you can…

  • Stay top of mind with friends and followers for all things “real estate”… at the click of a button!
  • Build your reputation as an interesting, resourceful agent without having to slam boring real estate stuff down people’s throats 24/7.
  • Stop wasting time scouring the internet for good content to share — it’s now all in one place and shareable with just the click of a button.
  • Take all the credit for being an accomplished real estate blogger (without lifting a finger to actually write or publish anything) — the articles are all branded to YOU.

Personalized Memes & Ecards

(posted for you at the click of a button)

These are literally the foundation of Lighter Side’s popularity, and the reason our brand has become so well known.

With hundreds of these for you to choose from, there’s one to match every emotion or real estate situation you can think of! Plus you have the option to add a small branding bar at the bottom of each meme, that shows your name, title, company and phone number. You also won’t need to download and re-upload them to facebook (our platform does it for you).

The best part is that you’re free to use these anywhere you’d like… not just on social media.

Now you can engage prospects in a fun, personable way…

WITHOUT having to:

  • Fear that you’re annoying (or boring) your followers by coming across too cookie-cutter or “salesy”.
  • Spend your valuable time and energy creating or finding quality content (or scour our highly unorganized Facebook page searching for the right piece).
  • Learn Photoshop to add your branding (which we don’t allow for non-members… but as a member, our platform automatically does it for you).

Buyers and sellers love ‘em!

But don’t just take my word for it. I get messages like this every day:



Video Content for You to Upload

Notice I said video content for you to upload?

That’s a HUGE distinction from pressing the “share” button to share someone else’s video. Why? Because Facebook LOVES when you upload your own videos… and they reward you by letting you reach more people!

How do I know? Just look below at Lighter Side’s Facebook stats.


Check out how many people we reach on average when we upload a video (top circle). Now look at the number in the bottom circle under “shared video”. Huge difference, right?

This way, you can:

  • Reach more people when you make a post
  • Cleverly promote yourself without being “salesy”
  • Stay top of mind for real estate with your followers

NON Boring, NON Cookie Cutter Postcards

(That you can send to your favorite printer)

Now you can mail postcards that won’t make people sleepwalk from their mailbox to their front door!

Lemme tell you, I used to get messages like this all the time.


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this, I’d shut down the Lighter Side and drink Coronas on the beach in Playa del Carmen for the rest of my days.

(Who am I kidding… the Lighter Side is way too much fun to ever shut down!)

But seriously, aren’t all real estate postcards out there sorta cookie-cutter and lame? I hear this complaint all the time. For example, check out this email I received below.

Check out these examples of what you’ll have access to:

Just a heads up: after years of memes and articles, there are hundreds to choose from. However, we only recently decided to offer postcards and videos in the Inner Circle, so our available selections are much less at the moment. Many more will be added soon!

Access to Inner Circle Engage

This is a private online community where you can:

  • Collaborate with some of the industry’s top agents.
  • Ask questions, seek feedback, and use your peers as a sounding board, literally 24/7.
  • See what other agents are doing on topics like lead gen, Facebook ads, marketing and branding, etc.
  • Get a backstage pass to listen in on how the the most highly engaged real estate brand on Facebook (the Lighter Side!) operates behind the scenes. Ask me anything!

“Okay, I’m diggin’ this.
But it’s probably super expensive, right?”


I intentionally set a price low enough for anyone to afford… but high enough to keep freebie-seekers out and to keep our membership deliberately small. I don’t want (or need) a huge subscriber base… just the right group of core agents.

At only $20 per month, I want it to be painful to say no.

And don’t worry, there’s no contract and you can cancel any time.

WARNING: I’m shutting the door very soon, and if you don’t get in now you won’t be able to beg or sweet-talk your way in when the timer hits zero.

And if I decide to reopen this in the future, I assure you the price will rise. So I encourage you to join right now and get grandfathered in at $20 per month.

“Is that all that’s included in the Inner Circle membership?”

Is a Zestimate ever accurate? HECK NO that’s not all you get.

There’s bonuses. Everyone likes bonuses. So here’s the bonuses you’ll get if you sign up NOW as a charter member:

bonus-checkmarkBONUS #1:

58 Real Estate Themed Facebook Cover Images

fb-coversThese are a quick and easy way to keep your profile fresh…

…so you can subtly remind friends and followers that you’re a real estate rock star!

  • Fun and professionally designed
  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Multiple color schemes for each theme

bonus-checkmarkBONUS #2:

Exclusive Group Discounts On Real Estate Related Products & Services

real-estate-apparelWe’ve sold over 13,000+ of these real estate themed “walking billboards”!

But as an Inner Circle member, you won’t pay anywhere near what they paid.

We’ve got some of our best-selling t-shirts starting at $13.49 PLUS an additional 20% off ONLY for Inner Circle members.

We’re also not the only company giving generous deals. We’ve partnered with several other real estate related service providers who are giving you “the hookup”… and we’re always reaching out to bring more into the Inner Circle family.


bonus-checkmarkBONUS #3:

“What’s Working Now” Monthly Trainings


We’ve partnered with Christy Crouch, Realtor and expert in the fields of life transformation, sales, sales systems, and business planning. She’s the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, and she’ll be hosting free monthly training webinars exclusively for Inner Circle members. Upcoming trainings include:

  • Scripts To Help You Generate More Business
  • Listing Presentations
  • Marketing Listings
  • Handling Objections


Fair Warning:

The Inner Circle is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a shiny object chaser who’s looking for “ninja” lead gen tricks.
  • You’re only temporarily excited about the perks above but aren’t committed to building your brand online over the long haul.
  • You’re expecting hordes of push-button easy leads to knock down your door begging to do business with you overnight.


The Inner Circle IS for you if:

  • You want to avoid annoying your friends and followers by posting boring, overly promotional, status quo real estate stuff.
  • You realize that if done correctly, content marketing will position you as an interesting, influential, and personable agent who people want to hire.
  • You lack the time to find or create good content to post (and haven’t found a way to clone yourself).


My Big Honking Disclaimer:

Joining this membership won’t make you an overnight “social media sensation” (whatever the heck that actually means). As a real estate agent, you’re not after that anyway.

So you won’t wake up tomorrow with dozens of private messages from prospects with wheelbarrows full of cash and a 30 day deadline to move. Let’s be realistic here.

And no, you won’t reach tens of millions of people per month like the Lighter Side does because you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers sharing your content…

But ya know what joining the Inner Circle WILL do for you?

It’ll provide you with content that’ll makes you come across as a REAL person — an agent who’s likeable, relatable and approachable

…and it’s important to build that kind of reputation because people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

So don’t think of this as “lead gen,” because it’s not. It’s more like “brand gen”…or “being a fun person with something interesting to say online, gen”.

“But Mike, can’t I just share stuff
from your Facebook page for free?”

And forego the credit for being clever/witty/resourceful? That’s the whole essence of this membership — “OUR content, YOUR branding.”

Plus, only Inner Circle members get all the other perks above:

  • Access to our private community of other marketing savvy agents.
  • Group discounts on real estate products and services.
  • Witty postcard templates.
  • Video downloads.
  • Agent training.

Also, there’s one big frustration you might not have considered:

I’ve created so much content over the last few years, it’s damn near impossible to sort through it all when you want to share something specific.

Rummaging through old content on Facebook is time-consuming and exhausting. But inside the Inner Circle, it’s all organized in a nice, clean, categorized way so you can pluck out a specific piece on a moment’s notice.

All that for only $20 a month?! It’s a no-brainer.

But don’t take my word for it…

Read these love notes from fans.

test-aymee-powell“You and your team ROCK! You guys continuously come up with new & fun ways for us Realtors to market ourselves. You continually ask for input and ideas, and you LISTEN!! You take the time to respond to emails…answer questions…send us free materials to use…all while making it super fun. Not only for us, but for clients and potentials as well. Anyways…that’s my two cents!”

Aymee Powell
JP & Associates Realtors

nan-brennan“The Lighter Side of Real Estate is my go to Facebook page for valuable items I can share with my customers, clients and friends without boring them with the normal everyday posts. I want to be the first person they think of when they think of real estate and its working for me, many thanks to the Lighter Side.”

Nan Brennan
Expert Real Estate Partners

evantz-saint-gerard“Mike, I like the way you think and your stuff is funny. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from your stuff.”

Evantz “Evans” Saint-Gerard
Keller Williams Realty Landmark

test-aymee-powell“Your content is great! I love the material you guys come up with to help us keep “top of mind” in a FUN way! Thanks for all you do!”

Keren Nelson
Buyers Real Estate, LLC

cecille-hylton“I loooove The Lighter Side… I have found the content to be very useful in my business in terms of keeping me top of mind in my clients’ heads. I continue to use your memes on my Facebook and Instagram – they are cute and catchy and hit the nail on the head in terms of not coming off too “salesy” and in your face. Thank you for all you do.”

Cecille Hylton
Valerie Levy and Associates Ltd.

diane-priest“I love the “unsalesy” (is that a word?) approach! Your content is refreshing and helps Realtors come through as real people with fun, outgoing personalities. I feel this is important as we unfortunately have a reputation as used car salesmen or I’ve even heard the word “vultures” and “stalkers” I think it helps take some of the fear out of our public image and helps is connect just that little bit more! I love it and thank you!”

Diane Priest
Re/Max Realtron Realty Brokerage Inc.

paula-odonnell“The Lighter Side allows me to share both informative and funny content to my clients on a regular basis, creating engagement with previous and future clients. I’ve even noticed non-Realtors share some of them – usually with my name attached. Love that extra reach!”

Paula O’Donnell Thompson
Keller Williams Realty

test-aymee-powell“One big challenge I have with social media is finding something quick, simple, relatively non-controversial, but still tells people I sell real estate without being salesy. Your content has been great for that.”

Ryan Donovan
The Forge Group Realty

mike-lsoreLove It In 30 Days Or I’ll Give You Every Penny Back

  • No contracts.
  • Cancel anytime in the first 30 days and get your cash back.


If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even .01375% unhappy, I want you to immediately ask for a full refund. That’s because I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few bucks. You to have zero risk and plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is for you.

And remember, there’s no ongoing commitment. You can cancel anytime with zero hard feelings from me. I don’t enjoy being tied down by contracts, so I’d never do that to you.


Au contrair! Our content reaches an average of 4 to 8 million people per week on Facebook (mostly organically, btw) — that’s WAY more people than there are licensed Realtors and agents!

That’s because I carefully craft content to appeal to “non-real estate” folks (i.e., potential buyers and sellers who happen to appreciate entertaining and resourceful real estate content).

Just check this out. Here’s what one agent told me privately:


Yes, I do post a small amount of “insider” content from time to time, but Lighter Side content is FAR from just inside humor.

Once you complete your registration, you will receive your login information IMMEDIATELY via email (check your spam if you don’t see it). Once you’re in, you’ll land on the member dashboard page, where you’ll find a “Getting Started Guide” that’ll explain how to navigate the members area. All of the content is contained within this area, where you’ll be able to share it (branded to you, of course) with the click of a couple buttons. Just be sure to set up your user profile immediately.

Cool, neither am I. If you’re savvy enough to navigate your way around Facebook, you’ll have no problem “figuring out” the Inner Circle platform. We intentionally made it simple for you to use. And if you have any issues, we’ll be here to walk you through it.

No, and you should be leery of services that post on your behalf. This is YOUR brand, so you want to choose what gets posted to your followers. That said, you can post directly to Facebook from the Inner Circle. It’s a breeze. So don’t worry that it’ll be hard work. The only “work” involved is deciding which of our hundreds of socially proven pieces of content you’re in the mood to post.

Not yet, but our development team is currently building this feature. It’ll be available very shortly. Don’t NOT join because it’s not ready, though. There’s no guarantee I’ll open the door back up in the future… and if I do I assure you that you’ll pay more than $20 per month. So get locked in now!

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands (we haven’t counted) pieces of content available to share. The team and I wanted to make sure we had a huge archive of content before offering this service.

So chances are very slim that you and another agent in your area will ever post the same thing on any given day (or week, or month for that matter).

I’ve been there. I know it feels like crap when you post something you KNOW is good, only to hear crickets. Like no one cares what you have to say. So why even bother?

Why bother? Because people are reading. I’ll make a post sometimes that might reach a million people, but only 5,000 or so actually engage. Remember—whether or not they comment, “like”, or message you about your content, please know that people are reading what you post.

Most agents are conditioned to look for the ROI of every action they take. I get it. But it’s impossible to measure the ROI of building a likable brand.

Currently no… at least not from our platform. But you CAN do so manually (i.e. download the content with your branding, then re-upload elsewhere). We’re currently working to add other social platforms (coming very soon!). Don’t NOT join because this isn’t ready, though. There’s no guarantee I’ll open the door back up in the future… and if I do I assure you that you’ll pay more than $20 per month. So get locked in now!

No, sorry. We’d rather let you control your membership on a month-to-month basis.

Well you could, but honestly most of the content is crafted for agents (especially the memes & ecards… although most of the articles would make sense for you to share). Because of this lack of usability, we’re considering letting folks like you get a “two-for-one” deal — one account for you, and another for you to give to your favorite agent. If this sounds appealing, let us know below and if there’s enough interest we’ll make it happen.

No, you are strictly forbidden from using our content, so don’t even think about it.

So What’s It Gonna Be?

You have a choice to make right now:

1. You can do what I did in the beginning: try to build a successful brand but end up floundering around like a fish out of water, pulling your hair out and wasting boatloads of time in the process…


2. You can click the ‘Let Me In’ button below and let The Lighter Side of Real Estate do the heavy lifting for you. It’ll set you back the cost of a takeout pizza or a really cool t-shirt from Wal-Mart. A paltry sum when you think about it…

…especially when compared to the time you’ll save by not having to come up with great quality content on your own.

Just remember that when the timer hits zero the offer is off the table until it re-opens (if I choose to re-open it), and the cost will undoubtedly be higher.

See you on the inside?

Mike Bell
Chief Chuckler in Charge